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About us...

The MAGNANIMITAS Academic Association is an association of pedagogical and scientific and research workers. We conduct advisory, research and training activities with our internal sources. The MAGNANIMITAS work groups elaborate and adopt stands and statements according to the scope of individual scientific disciplines. Our mission is to interconnect specialists, teachers and scientific and research workers from various fields and therefore to avail of the benefits of integration of people with common interests.

About the Association

The MAGNANIMITAS Academic Association was established on 27 February 2007 and provides the space for more efficient cooperation of academic and business subjects.

The activity of the Association in general focuses particularly on:

  • support of partial activities (projects) of its members and the Association as a whole;
  • presentation and practical use of outcomes of common activities;
  • transfer of academic, commercial and expert information;
  • commercial training and realization of development projects;
  • organization of specialized symposiums and scientific conferences;
  • publishing and preparation of expert texts and statements;
  • cooperation with institutions with similar focus and targets, both national and international;
  • provision of specialized and consultancy services.

The Association is open to physical and legal persons (institutions) engaged in academic, business, development, scientific and research activities.


In cooperation with internal members of the Association and external specialised workplaces we realize projects focused in particular on development and higher utilization of knowledge potential.Commercial activity of the Association includes:

  • preparation of training programmes;
  • realization of training sessions;
  • provision of public specialized courses;
  • expert and advisory activity;
  • organization of electronic conferences.

Development activities focus on:

support and promotion of projects focused on education and innovative development;
application and implementation of development proposals (projects);
producing expert opinions on legislative proposals and changes.

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