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Refund policy

The policies followed by AD ALTA journal are transparent and keep in mind the welfare of its author while keeping the interests of the organization intact. We would like to inform authors that AD ALTA is committed to follow the refund guidelines as mentioned here.

  • The Process Fee must be paid before publishing.
  • If the text is not published for any reason, all fees are fully refunded.
  • Once the paper(s) is reviewed (sent us) OR / AND published, the Process Fee may not be refunded.

Once an author has paid us the Process Fee and he/she cancels the publication of the manuscript before publishing, the money may be refunded to the author.

Please, pay attention to the instructions. Do not send us more information than requested below:

  1. The Author must send written request to Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript asking for refund his/her Fee. An Author has to indicate in one email meesage; a) full name of refund receiver, b) refunded EUR in total, c) number of papers to be canceled for publication, d) refference number (variable symbol) that has been provided you for your payment, e) time of publishing or month of Special Issue.
  2. The Board will send the positive result of refunding and ask for banking details of author (SWIFT, IBAN, address etc.). The Author will receive the time of refunding also.
  3. The refund time corresponds with publishing time of Regular or Special Issue (refunds for summer issue: June, refunds for winter issue: December).
  4. Bank Fee costs might be applied up to EUR 35. Refunds will be provided within 14 days after having received your written request.

By the accounting, tax and law rules that are followed by AD ALTA internal rules:

  • There are 30-days period for decision of refunding. (During such 30-days period author can cancel his/her refund request and ask for publishing again.)
  • Ministry of Finance and banks of sender and receiver are informed for taxation purposes about payment over EUR 10.000.
  • Refund for several papers could be made in one payment only.

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